Diverting Diversity: Sidetracking Discussions of Diversity

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Although diversity has been generally linked to issues of skin color, it can also be linked with gender, sexual preference, disabilities, and even religion. Most, especially Americans, however, tend to link it with skin color and this is where the problem begins. Because some regard diversity in the same light as affirmative action, there is a natural feeling of disdain. Therefore, honest discussions of diversity can degenerate into discussions of issues that have little to do with the point. If diversity's purpose is to include persons of differing cultural, religious, and ethnic backgrounds, then those opposed to it claim sinister intentions by those who promote it. This paper discusses opposition to diversity and how the discussion is changed through words, accusations, and actions.

Keywords: Avoidance, Subterfuge
Stream: Race and Racism
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Dr. Julian Madison

Associate Professor, Department of History, Southern Connecticut State University
New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Dr. Julian C. Madison is an Associate Professor of History at Southern Connecticut State University. A scholar of Black American history, Dr. Madison's research interests are varied and range far beyond the United State's borders. His book, A DEATH AND LIFE MATTER, details the 1964 death of a white minister who was killed in Cleveland, Ohio, protesting school segregation. Dr. Madison has also written on the limits of American power in the Philippines, and relations between Black Americans and Filipinos. He has just completed a book, A DIFFERENT CULTURE, that details Philippine culture and how Philippine women, succeed and fail in adapting to life and culture in the United States. Dr. Madison is currently researching the life of Joh McClendon, the godfather of modern day basketball. Dr. Madison and his wife, Riezl, have four children -- Robert James III, Maria, Julian Clifford III, and Philip.

Ref: D08P0109