The Role of Positioning in Social Cause Organizations

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Positioning strategies for social cause organizations are examined using statistical analysis. Respondents are asked to reveal their perceptions regarding selected organizations which support environmental initiatives. Based upon identified attributes and their subsequent ratings, organizational positioning maps are revealed. In addition, concepts for an "ideal" social cause organization are proposed.

Keywords: Social Cause, Perceptual Mapping, Environmental Organizations
Stream: Organisations
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Dr. Lisa M. Sciulli

Professor, Marketing Department
Eberly College of Business & Information Technology, Indiana University

Indiana, PA, USA

Lisa Sciulli earned her B.S. degree from Penn State University as a Finance Major, She received her M.B.A. and Ph.D. in Marketing and Strategic Planning from the Unviversty of Pittsburgh. She has been employed as a Marketing Professor at Indiana University of Pennsylvania since 1992. She teaches a variety of courses to both graduate and undergraduate students including Advertising, Marketing Management, Marketing Research, Professional Selling and Sales Management, Retail Management, and Principles of Marketing. Dr. Sciulli offers instruction using both in class and online teaching methods. Her current research interests include product positioning analysis for social cause organizations and services marketing. She has published in numerous journals and conference proceedings.

Ref: D08P0111