Unity Through Diversity

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This paper will be an effort to show how the three major religion of the world namely, Judais, christiany and Islam have more in common than most people realize. This commonality of purpose should be used to unite rather than divide the peple around the globe.

Keywords: Diversity, Unity, Major World Religions, Global Understanding
Stream: Identity and Belonging; the Politics of Diversity; Globalisation
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Dr. Vida Davoudi

Professor, Political Science Department, Kingwood College
Kingwood, Texas, USA

I was born in Iran, was the youngest member of Iranian parliament before the Religious revolution in 1979. Have a bachelor Degree from American University of Beirut, Masters and Ph.D from Southern Illinois University .I have been teaching at Kingwood collegeas full time professor since 1989. Winner of Teaching Excellence Award, Daughter of American Revolution Award and was recently selected by United States Institute of Peace to engage in promoting peace and Security within community college system. I am very much interested in promoting world peace through bringing about greater understanding between the major world religions through constructive dialogue. I am a freequent speaker at different community events .I am U.S. citizen.

Ref: D08P0115