Job Seekers’ Perception of Prospective Employers

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The image of employers tends to be influenced by their race because traditionally, whites are considered potential employers as a result of their economic strength. Extensive research has been done into the perception of the jobseekers in all types of organizations. So, the purpose of this study is to explore those perceptions about potential employing organizations (farmers), now that the SA land redistribution programme gradually shifts ownership from whites to the blacks. Even though this sector is largely dominated by the unskilled workforce, this study further establishes if the favoured employers could be able to attract and retain workers since the sector has been predominantly white. The following hypotheses are generated for this study: Job seekers perceive the black employers incapable of sustaining them than their white counterparts; Job seekers anticipate job insecurity among black employers than their white counterparts.

Keywords: Job Seekers, Perception
Stream: Organisations
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Thapelo Jacob Moloi

Lecturer, Industrial Psychology, University of the Free State
South Africa

Ref: D08P0118