Building a Globally Competent Workforce

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Building a Globally Competent Workforce:It used to be that “Going Global” meant venturing into foreign markets; literally crossing seas and borders. Nowadays, the whole world comes right to us in the process of globalization, with profound impacts on, not only all marketplaces, but the makeup of our workforce itself. A multilingual, multicultural and internationally competent workforce is more than ever critical to succeed in an irreversibly flat world. This webcast provides a step-by-step, practical guide on: How to grow a multilingual, multicultural and internationally competent workforce thru Strategic Diversity Recruiting. Where & How to find top-notch diversity talents capable of effectively crossing linguistic and cultural barriers Beyond managing cultural differences: How to make the most of a truly global workforce by growing and leveraging your in-house Language Bank to dominate your markets, from expansion to customer service. Retaining top employees and maintaining a consistent flow of top candidates thru momentum How to achieve and maintain a maximum Return On Diversity™ Lessons learned: Australia, Great Britain and Canada.

Keywords: Diversity, Multilingual, Multicultural, Global, Strategic Diversity Recruiting, Workforce
Stream: Identity and Belonging; the Politics of Diversity; Globalisation
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English

Mohamed Ly

Executive Director, MultiLingual Recruitment
Return on Diversity Council,

Washington, DC, USA

Refugee-Entrepreneur and fervent Strategic Diversity & Inclusion advocate, Mohamed Ly is Founder and Executive Director of A2Z Lingua International ( and Ly also heads the company's Return on Diversity™ council, whose main purpose is to ensure a proper understanding and effective application of the company’s (and its clients') Diversity & Inclusion initiatives as a viable and successful strategy, with tangible, long-term bottom-line impacts and community advantages--beyond the usual racial and gender “quota games”. Ly launched in 2002 for one purpose: to assist corporations, non-profit and government agencies overcome the very language and cultural barriers he faced before as a displaced immigrant and Limited English Proficient (LEP) individual with language services. Prior to founding, Ly was a Foreign Language consultant, with clients in Government, Commercial and non-profit spheres. Before that he did get his short share of Corporate America experience in the ranks of a leading designer and supplier of digital signal processing solutions and semiconductor products, and a managed network solutions provider. Then, he went on to grow what was originally a language service company into the, now, 5-division company, and has been heading its multiple operations, starting up and directing all of its divisions, respectively offering: ·Foreign Language services (Localization, Translation, Interpreting and more)·Multilingual Staffing and Diversity/Global Recruiting solutions ·Diversity Training and Consulting services ·, the world’s only online Global Diversity Job Board & Career Search- Engine; an exclusive portal for multilingual & cross-culturally competent professionals to connect with world-class & diversity-committed employers, worldwide ·Multilingual Yellow Pages/Global Business Directory services Typical of millions of immigrants, Ly came to the United States in January of 2000, with only $100 to his name and six foreign languages at his command, but nearly no English. He is no stranger to the cultural collisions, limited access to services and important benefits, increased difficulties, dramatic impacts and frustrations faced by limited-English populations when dealing with service providers including commercial, government and even non-profit entities. His responsibilities include setting and executing company vision, products & business development and strategic alliances. Nothing, including his background in Physics and Chemistry, predestined Ly to the linguistic and cross-cultural communication business and to his role of coach on matters of Language Access, Diversity & Inclusion, and Intercultural nature – especially not his limited English proficiency, still an impeding reality just six years ago. But the calling has been answered, and the mission successfully tackled – against all odds, throughout the years. Thru, job seekers increasingly continue to be connected to wonderful and often previously unconsidered language-related and global career opportunities. This world's only Global Diversity Job Board and Career Search Engine takes recruiting and job search to the next level, with powerful and innovative online tools right at the fingertip of job seekers and employers: discussion groups, Blogs, networking, development...In the same spirit, continues to foster diversity & inclusion from the classroom to the boardroom thru multilingual and cross-cultural competencies, globally. Thus, making it possible for world-class employers and diversity candidates to meet face-to-face in the most exciting setting—the world’s only series of Global Diversity Career Expos & Multilingual Job Fairs (—dedicated to the recruitment of multilingual, cross-culturally competent and international talents, from all levels, across borders, industries and specialties.

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