Managing Immigration Means Managing Diversity: The European Challenge

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During the last years, the debate on integration of immigrants has further intensified all over the world. At the European level, integration of third-country nationals has been the subject of many debates focussed on discrimination phenomena and cultural and religious diversity. An increasing number of Member States of the European Union (EU) identified new priorities and revised their policies. The typology of entry differs widely between Member States – from family reunification to work-related immigration or limited regularisations for specific groups of immigrants. However, immigration is still the main element in EU demographic growth and positive net migration is recorded in most Member States. Intercultural dialogue and diversity management are increasingly recognized as important instruments for fostering integration and further developing and implementing the EU framework for integration of third-country nationals. The paper investigates the challenges and opportunities of managing immigration through managing diversity in the European Union. Own research will be presented as well as good practice from European communities and universities. Based on the facts and figures of the Third Annual Report on Migration and Integration (published by the European Commission in September 2007), the paper gives an overview on trends in integration policies and developments towards a common European strategy and framework for integration of third-country nationals.

Keywords: Immigration, Migration, Diversity Management, European Union, Antidiscrimination, Common Framework, Immigration Policies, Intercultural Education, Citizenship Education, Human Rights, Asylum
Stream: Immigration, Refugees
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Gabriele Sauberer

Interdisciplinary Research and Training, Centre for Translation Studies, University of Vienna
Vienna, Austria

Gabriele Sauberer is a pioneer in harmonization and quality assurance of diversity management at Austrian and European level. She organized the first International Diversity Summer School in Vienna and initiated the expert working group “European diversity management” within the technical committee “Corporate Social Responsibility” at the Austrian standards institute which is publishing the first standard on diversity management. Gabriele is teaching diversity management, intercultural management and project management at the Centre for Translation Studies of the University of Vienna. For the European Commission she acted as consultant to European Funding Programmes and successfully manages the International Network for Terminology ( which cooperates with UNESCO since long in the areas of multilingualism, cultural diversity and information for all.Gabriele Sauberer designed and performed many projects at European, regional, national and international level and developed trainings and seminars with focus on European and International topics.

Ref: D08P0141