An Online Comparison of Low Cost Airlines' Offerings in Diverse Markets

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The Maslow theory unifies all nations in terms of consumer needs such as basic food, shelter and social affiliation. While the information, communication technology sector has been criticised as being impersonal, distant and non-interactive, there are examples of flourishing online low-cost airlines on diverse continents. South Africa has three low cost airlines for its diverse population. This paper compares their online services with international counterparts to probe whether diversity can be levelled by low-cost services. The introduction of the Internet and world wide web has speeded up the search for information and exposed consumers to more variety. The concept of disintermediation has eliminated the need for travel agents by allowing consumers of airline services to transact directly with the airlines. Based on the theory of e-business management this paper conducts an online comparison of low cost airlines on different continents to ascertain whether the diverse nations can be unified through their common usage of low-cost airlines.

Keywords: Online Business Comparison, Diverse Markets, Low Cost Airlines
Stream: Learning, Education, Training
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Jessica Fraser

Lecturer, Business Management, University of Pretoria
Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

Lecturing in management of e-business after innovative career in new product and services development for multi-national corporations. Great fan of national travel for fly-fishing and camping and internationally to learn from other cultures. Keen to learn new languages, conquer the world on a mountain bike and play tennis under the floodlights.

Ref: D08P0143