The Relationships of Cultural Attributes, Cultural Relations, and Academic Success: Perspectives from National and International Students at a Selected Historically Black University

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In the new environment of a globilized society, today's colleges must meet the challenges of preparing a new type of student. It is of paramount importance that students graduating from college have the skills necessary to compete in a global economy. It is of primary importance to instill the qualities of students valuing the cultural uniqueness and attritbutes of students of other nationalities so that students learn to maximize the learning opportunities that they can provide to each other. This research explores the cultural diversities such as attributes, differences, and uniqueness of students of various nationalities to examine their impact on race relations and interactions as well as their impact on student success.

Keywords: Globalization, Learning Environment, Academic Success, Cultural Diversity, Cultural Appreciation
Stream: Learning, Education, Training
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Dr. M. Yvette Turner

Assistant Professor, College of Education and Human Development
Department of Educational Leadership, Jackson State University

Raymond, MS, USA

I started my career in education in 1985 as an elementary school assistant teacher. After recieving a B.S. in 1993, I began teaching as a middle school science teacher. In 1997, I received the M.S.Ed. and began working at Jackson State University (JSU). Eventually, after receiving the Ph.D. and working several administrative positions inside and outside of the University, I was appointed Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership in the College of Education and Human Development (COE). During my tenure at JSU, I have had the priviledge of working on its SACS accreditation report, COE NCATE related projects, created the current COE website, and numerous other important activities. One of these "other" activities was the implementation of Knowledge Management (KM) at the university level. For this process, I researched KM and organized a needs assessment and assisted with designing a webpage for the survey implementation. Currently I am fufilling my responsibilities of teaching, research, and service.

Ref: D08P0169