The Challenges of Dealing with Diverse Student Population at South African Institutions of Higher Education Residences and Their Impact on Students' Learning

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South Africa has 11 official languages that are spoken at all universities. Moreover, minority languages are also spoken. Furthermore universities are forced to accommodate students from other countries which brings an issue of diverse student population to the fore. People working in Student Affairs at universities, particularly in residences, are faced with a problem of intergrating these students. More often than not the majority group would like to dominate others which often results in conflicts which ultimately impact on students learning. Such conflicts are often seen during social functions and elections of Student representative Councils.Itis therefore imperative to instill the culture of tolerance amongts students to accommodate other peoples'cultures and leave with them in harmony.This presentation will therefore come up with suggestions on how to implement a program which will assist Universities to deal with this problem in order to enhance student learning and create and environment that is coducive for all without discreminating each otherAn example of a case study of one of the South African universities will be used based on the experience of the presenter in this regard.

Keywords: Multicultutalism, Multiracialism, Diversity, Student Affairs, Universities
Stream: Learning, Education, Training
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: The Challenges of Dealing with Diverse Student Population at South African Institutions of Higher Education and their Impact on Student Learning

Dr. Morewane Edward Sedibe

Director, Student Affairs and Sport, North West University South Africa
Pochefstroom, North West Provence, South Africa

Currently Director of Student Affairs and Sport at North west University South Africa. Responsible for coordinating Student Affairs and Sport activities in the three campuses of the University.Mainly responsible for Stuudent governance and developnent,residences ans student life as well as student recreational sport.Was previously Dean of Students for five years at Central University of Tecnology ,Free State in South Africa.Was also Dean of Faculty of Human Sciences at the same University for two years.Also worked as a teacher and School Principal before joining Institution of Higher Education.Have passion for working with students and had been doing that for the rest of my working career.I am also interested in research and have published some article dealing with multiculturism,Indegenous knowledge system as well as students learning.Obtained Phd degree with research topic based on Adolescent in a single parent family.Served in many committee dealing with diversity and equity.

Ref: D08P0208