A Seva Mandir: An Indian NGO

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Seva Mandir is an NGO and deals with the issues of the tribal people in India who were left out of the mainstream by the British Rule in India. The present government of India wants to include all people in the national development. Seva Mandir was started as a modest organization in the 1970's by a retired school teacher who wanted to provide basic literacy to the surrounding villages of his city. Since then, it has grown to a full-fledged NGO dealing witah various issues like education, status of women, health caare and new economic initiatives in the desert area where it is located. It receives large international grants too to assist it.

Keywords: Seva Mandir, NGO, India
Stream: Gender and Sexuality
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Dr. Tripta Desai

Professor of History, Department of History and Geography, Northern Kentucky University
Highland Heights, Kentucky, USA

I was raised in India and did my Graduate work at Washington State University,Washington,USA. I have been teaching since 1968 and have offered courses in Asia, British History and European History. I have written books o n Women in India and India-USA Diplpmatic Relations 1940-2002. I have presented papers at various conferences on these subjects.

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