Emerging Ethical Dilemmas in Immigration: Implications for Spain and the USA

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As the world’s population continues to scatter across continents and disperse among nations, the phenomenon of immigration has come to the forefront as one of the most critical issues facing the public sector today. In the past ten years, the countries of Spain and the United States have emerged as important countries of destination for immigrants. Both countries have witnessed an unprecedented influx of legal and illegal immigrants which have tested, and at times, strained public sector services. Further complicating the situation is the distrust with which entrenched populations view immigrants. This paper explores four ethical dilemmas which currently present significant challenges to Spain and the United States. These ethical dilemmas include: income taxation of illegal immigrants; military service as a means to citizenship; repatriation of immigrants to high risk environments; and immigrant profiling for purposes of risk management. Each of these issues will be examined as to their origins, and impact on the Spanish and American governments. It is hoped that by exploring these ethical issues, all countries of destination including Spain and the United States will be able to develop an effective and more ethical solution to the immigration challenge.

Keywords: Immigration, Ethics, Spain, United States
Stream: Immigration, Refugees
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English

Dr. Patricia B. Strait

Professor and Program Chair, University of Richmond
Richmond, Virginia, UK

Dr. Strait began her career in the United States Navy where she served as an air traffic controller for four years. Upon finishing her tour with the navy, she held various positions in airport management. After completing her Ph.D., she served as a visiting professor of public management at Virginia Tech, and as a faculty member at Old Dominion University. Dr. Strait has published and written articles in both English and Spanish involving topics such as labor economics, immigration, and employee ethics. She has also been a speaker at several international conferences including: London, Quebec, Brussels, Vancouver, Valencia, Spain, Berne, Switzerland, and Barcelona, Spain. Dr. Strait currently serves as a full time faculty member and program director of Human Resources and Leadership Studies at the University of Richmond.

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