The Journeys of Jamaican Teachers in England and United States (From 2001 to Present): A Multiple Case Study

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The paper utilized the ‘Life History’ research approach. The main areas investigated were social equity, racism and cultural experiences of Jamaican teachers living and working in England and United States. Five teachers were interviewed from each country in order to solicit the required data. My own personal experiences were also be highlighted based on my association with the issues explored and the context of this research. These experiences offered rich qualitative data for analysis. From the findings, it was clear that many Jamaican teachers have experienced social exclusion and racism within these countries. It is hoped that the finding from this research can be used to enhance social equity and opportunities for Jamaican teachers in these countries.

Keywords: Identity, Racism, Culture
Stream: Race and Racism
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: , , Journeys of Jamaican Teachers in England and the United States of America (from 2001 to Present)

Dr. Rohan Jowallah

Senior Lecturer, School of Education
Early Childhood Studies and Special Needs and Inclusion, University of Wolverhampton

Walsall, West Midlands, UK

I am presently a senior lecturer at the University of Wolverhampton in England in the areas of Early Childhood Studies and Special Education and Inclusion. Presently, I am persuing my EdD programme at the University of Sheffield. My research interests are in Critical Literacy, Inclusion, Diversity, Policy and Practice. I have over fifteen years of teaching experience and I have taught in Jamaica, England and United States. This has given me invaluable knowledge of the various educational systems.

Ref: D08P0234