The Relevance of the Concept of SEBD within Cree Schools in Northern Québec

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This paper will attempt to examine the relevance of the concept of Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties (SEBD)in analysis, assessment and intervention within the context of Cree schools in Northern Québec. The working hypothesis will be that, while performance and attendance rates within the Cree School Board warrant an "SEBD" theoretical analysis, as well as interventions grounded within that framework, this very approach may perhaps alarmingly lead to the creation of further SEBDs through a clash of culture, expectations and purpose. In this sense it goes to the root of the central theme of the conference, diversity in communities and nations. This paper will presents an analysis of data collected through field research (both quantitative and qualitative) carried out within the Cree School Board through 2006.

Keywords: SEBD, EBD, Intervention, School, Behaviour, Cree, Cree School Board
Stream: First Nations, Indigenous Peoples
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Dr. John Visser

Associate Professor, School of Education, University of Birmingham
Birmingham, UK

John Visser is senior lecturer at the University of Birmingham where he is programme tutor for professional development courses in the area of social, emotional and behavioural difficulties and Director for Continuing Professional Development. He has acted as a consultant to schools, services and LEA’s nationally and internationally in the area of special education and school improvement.
He is widely known for his professionally relevant staff development work on classroom management; pupils with emotional behavioural and social difficulties; teaching and learning, particularly differentiation and special educational needs.

Frederic Fovet

Principal, College Northside
Ste Adèle, Québec, Canada

SEBD Graduate research student. Awarded the Educational Review (University of Birmingham) graduate scholarship for 2006-2008
Alongside his research interests in native education, SEBD and ADHD, Frederic has been, for the last ten years, a practioner and the principal of a residential school with a high ratio of SEBD students based in Québec.

Ref: D08P0248