Impacts of Monlingualism on Bicultural Children in Taiwan: Case Series of Language-delayed Children of " Mail-Order Brides"

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This project is intended to document and analyze how mono-linguistic inputs influence language developments of language-delayed children from the bi-cultural families of “mail-order brides” in Taiwan. According to the recommendations given by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (2006) on screening for speech and language delay in preschool children, the risk factors of language delay include medical problems and non-medical problems. This project attempts to focus on exploring how the non-medical factors, language and culture, interact and impact language developments of children from the bi-cultural but monolingual (Chinese only) families of “mail-order brides.” This new and growing population of “mail-order brides” in Taiwan is mainly composed by immigrants from the Southeast Asia, such as Vietnam, Philippine and Indonesia (Chen, 2003).This on-going project, having been lasting for one year, adopts a qualitative mode and has been conducted at a hospital site. Four language-delayed children, diagnosed by the co-researcher, and their parents were observed and interviewed. The causes of articulation disorders of all these children are diagnosed as being non-medical and functional. The preliminary findings show that the insufficient mono-linguistic inputs of Chinese might have influenced language learning processes of these children. Inside the families, these “mail-order brides” from the Southeast Asia are the main language models for their children. However, the cultural isolations and repressions experienced by the mothers prevent them from providing their youngsters with sufficient Chinese linguistic inputs. Hence, monolingualism in bi-cultural families seems to have negative impacts on language developments of children.

Keywords: Bilingualism, Language Delay, Immigrant
Stream: Learning, Education, Training
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Sa-hui Fan

Assistant Professor, English Department, National Taichung University
Taichung, Taiwan, Taiwan

1996— 2002 The University of Texas at Austin. Ph.D. of Education

1994-1995 The University of Texas at Austin. M.A. of Foreign Language Education.

1985-1989 National Taiwan University B.A. of the department of foreign languages and literatures

Professional Experiences

Feb. 2006 till now National Taichung University,
Dept. of English Assistant Professor

Sept. 2003-Jan. 2006 National Yunlin University of Technology and Science,
Dept. of Applied Foreign Language Assistant Professor

Sept. 2002- Aug. 2003 Toko University,
Dept. of Applied Language Assistant Professor

Hao-pai Ni

Attending Physician, The Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, National Taiwan University Hospital Yunlin Branch
Douliu, Yunlin, Taiwan

B.A School of Medicine
National Taiwan University

Candidate College of Public Health
of Master's National Taiwan University


2003-now Attending Physician
The Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
National Taiwan University Hospital Yunlin Branch

1999-2003 Chief Resident
The Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
National Taiwan University Hospital

Ref: D08P0261