Perspectives in Advancing Women’s Health: An Appreciative Insight into Cancer of the Cervix from Zimbabwe

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The presentation illustrates how Appreciative Inquiry (AI), a methodology of change management can be deployed to aid the comprehension of the epidemiology of cancer of the cervix in any community. AI involves asking the relevant questions that strengthen the community’s capacity to articulate and heighten positive strength about dealing with cancer of the cervix. AI was successfully used to mobilize women and encourage them to take the Pap smear tests and be screened for cancer of the cervix. The methodology was also deployed to foster an understanding of safe reproductive practices and how victims of the HIV/AIDS Virus can cope with the disease.

Keywords: Appreciative Inquiry, Change Management, Cancer of the Cervix, Human Immune Deficiency (HIV/AIDS), Human Papilloma (HPV), Mobilization of Women, Positive Strength
Stream: Gender and Sexuality
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
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Dr. Sylvia C. Mupepi

Associate Professor, Kirkhof College of Nursing, Grand Valley State University
Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

I obtained my PhD in Nursing and Women's Health from the University of Michigan; graduate nursing studies from the University of London; and Adult Nursing Education from the University of Zimbabwe. I have held senior government appointments in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa. My research is focused on organizational effectiveness and training.

Dr. Mambo G. Mupepi

Adjunct Faculty, College of Interdisciplinary Studies, School of African-American and African Studies, Grand Valley State University
Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

I obtained a PhD in Organization Development from Benedictine University, Illinois. My research and teaching focuses on Organizational effectiveness and advancing sustainability using Organization Development methods and technology. The goal of my research and teaching is to identify the knowledge, skills and strategies that lead to greater organization and students’ community access, acceptance, and effectively functioning in their chosen careers.

Dr. Godfrey Sikipa MD

Independent Public Health Consultand, Public Health Consultant, Independent Public Health Consultant
Research Park, South Carolina, USA

Dr Sikipa is a former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Zimbabwe Government. Dr Sikipa has held various public health positions as a consultant for UNAIDS in Geneva, and many others in the USA where he is currently consulting for many other global organizations on the HIV/AIDS Pandemic.

Dr. Gayla D. Jewell

Associate Professor, Kirkhof School of Nursing, Grand Valley State University
Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Dr Jewell graduated from Michigan State University with a PhD in Sociology; a graduate nursing degree from Ohio State University. Dr Jewell has enormous experience in health issues impacting women in Nicaragua, the USA and Zambia.

Ref: D08P0309