Creating Multicultural Competency with White Preservice Teachers in a Diverse Society that Negotiates the Complexities of Teaching

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One critical problem faced by the African-American teacher educator is how to help White preservice teachers develop a sound understanding and knowledge base on issues of privilege, race, and racism while removing the perception of a personal agenda. This article focuses on a framework to design curriculum structure and instructional practices which develop multicultural competency for White preservice teachers when working with diverse learners. The populations of students in schools are increasingly diversified. Immigration from international communities such as Mexico, Somalia, and Liberia has opened up many schools to the global community that our world is becoming. While the number of diverse learners steadily increases, the majority of preservice teachers are White. Given the different racial and ethnic groups in classrooms, it is imperative to engage preservice teachers in preparation that negotiates how they interpret past and present disparities that exist in education.

Keywords: Teacher Preparation, Multicultural Competency, Pedagogy of Teacher Education
Stream: Learning, Education, Training
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Dr. Nadine Haley

Associate Professor, Education Department, Metropolitan State University
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Nadine Haley is associate professor in teacher education at Metropolitan State University. She received her PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in Urban Education: Curriculum and Instruction. She has taught at the elementary, middle, and high levels. Currently, she teaches multicultural education, literacy, and classroom management. She has presented at national and international conferences on issues related to urban education. Areas of research interests are teacher education, multicultural education and curriculum development.

Ref: D08P0325