From the Farm to the Stars: Fostering Respect and Creating Community through a Peer Approach ‎to Diversity Education

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Geographically situated in the rural Midwestern United States, Purdue University began ‎as a land-grant institution to provide agricultural and mechanical arts education for Indiana ‎students. Purdue has evolved into a world-renowned and internationally recognized research ‎institution, especially proud of its role in space exploration and its diverse campus population. ‎Currently Purdue has the second highest international enrollment among all public U.S. colleges ‎and universities and includes faculty, staff, and students from more than 130 countries and with a ‎myriad of social, religious, and ethnic identities. The development and deployment of diversity ‎education strategies enabling students, staff and faculty to weave together the fabrics of their own ‎religious, political and socio-cultural identities is a major challenge and the subject of the ‎presentation case study. The study examines methodologies to link formal research and ‎evaluative assessments to practical applications and program advocacy, realignment of resources ‎to match vision, and utilization of peer learning communities of practice at all ranks and levels ‎of the organization.‎

Keywords: Diversity Education, Workshops and Training, Competency Programs, Strategic Planning, Assessment
Stream: Learning, Education, Training
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: , From the Farm to the Stars

Dr. Carolyn E. Johnson

Director, Diversity Resource Office
Office of the Vice President for Human Relations, Purdue University

West Lafayette, Indiana, USA

Dr. Carolyn Johnson is the director of the Diversity Resource Office at Purdue University ‎and is a former member of the governing board of the L'Institut œcuménique de Bossey ‎in Geneva Switzerland . She is the consultant for the International Women in Higher ‎Education Professorate Project and an affiliated faculty member in the African American ‎Studies and Research Center at Purdue.‎

Brenda Coulson

Director for Human Resources and Cultural Programming, University Residences, Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN, USA

Brenda Coulson, director of human resources and cultural programming for University ‎Residences and is chair for the Executive Vice President and Treasurer’s Diversity Task ‎Force. She is recipient of the Martin Luther King Jr. Dreamer Award, for vision of ‎service to others and furthering the university’s commitment to diversity‎

Ref: D08P0371