A Nation’s Cultural Relations and Its Image

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I posit that a nation’s image should be understood as a way to increase familiarity and favorable opinion from those outside the nation as well as a projection of a nation’s internal self-perception of its national identity. Further, these external and internal processes are interactive rather than separate—that is, how others regard a nation (national image) may prompt that nation’s government to try to change that image in ways that either highlight aspects of the national identity that are not broadly recognized or to change internal policies and practices to encourage the development of new national characteristics. Globalization helps mark the boundary between the old public/cultural diplomacy perspective and the emergent international cultural relations perspective. Globalization causes the blurring of national boundaries and the appearance of a ‘mixed identity’ through the exchange of information and cultural forms. The flow of people, capital, information, and cultural products changes and expands the scope of what people can recognize, familiarize, and empathize with from others, who have different backgrounds, including their nationalities, customs, and values. This presentation first explores the relationship between culture and diplomacy in both the old and new eras. Then the presentation turns to the nature and effects of globalization, before turning to issues of national identity and national image as they are influenced by globalization. Then, the proposal focuses on discussing each concept and considering the image-building issues that a state needs to address in the globalization period. This proposal ultimately intends to seek out the issues that will present a nation-state’s responses to changes through globalization, such as transnational culture and diversity. Doing so, based on the belief that arts represent interrelations and reactions among human beings, identity, and social and environmental changes, the social role of artists in the globalization period is highlighted.

Keywords: Cultural Diplomacy, Nation's Image
Stream: Representations: Media, Communications, Arts, Literature
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Song Jung Eun

Doctoral Student, Department of Art Education, The Ohio State University
Columbus, OH, USA

This presentation is informed by the belief that, in terms of the relationships among globalization, national identity and national images, globalization affects national identity and national identity affects a nation-state’s image. My study specialization is Cultural Policy & Arts Administration

Ref: D08P0409