From Ceaseless Pursuits to Fruitful Quest: Achieving Perfect Peace

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The human being is independent of body, mind complex. There is no color, caste, religion, culture and nationality. Such a pure being capable of transcending all these is truly a natural, open, dynamic and unlimited system which can adapt to change. Without these differences one is truly freed from all the delusion. Without this delusion one is naturally a conflict-free, peaceful, blissful being. This, is ones own true nature; But unfortunately the mind is excited in pursuing different color, caste, religion culture and nationality. It localizes and confines to a body, time, space and situation. The mind in excitement created and pursued the differences to the extent that it cannot cope with the differences and has got into a delusion. These differences have made the human being limited and insecure. The outcome of this insecurity is anxiety, worry, fear, anger, depression, confusion and conflict within and outside bringing eventual destruction. To protect oneself from the insecurity the human being has desperately been working on weapons of mass destruction in the name of security, defense, and peace and to root out terrorism. Mankind has resorted to war, killing and bloodshed for trivial gains. One is failing to realize that by destroying the environment, one has to live in the disturbed environment. A disturbed being is desperately searching for peace in the world outside. He runs from pillar to post in search of a solution to these in the world outside in vain. Various management proposals are mooted to bridge these differences and conflict. Alas, they can only offer temporary succor, not solutions. Instead of struggling in the world outside, we need to retreat into our own true being to enjoy freedom unlimited and perfect peace.

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Stream: Identity and Belonging; the Politics of Diversity; Globalisation
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Prof. Prabhakar Ananthaswamy

Professor and Head, Information Science and Engineering Department., Channabasaveshwara Institute of Tchnology
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

My recent publication is ‘In Quest of Self’. It was released in the market in August 2005 and has quite successfully caught the attention of seekers in India and abroad. I have always felt that it is important for people taking up any profession to become aware of the real self. In this competitive world, our professionals have no option but to run this rat race or be prepared to be cast aside in this highway of life. But we tend to run this race without even a clear-cut idea of why we are doing it or whether we have to run it at all. When confronted with the question, the most common reply that I have come across is “for happiness of course?!” But the stress, anxiety and health disorders that they experience is evidently a pointer to the fact that they are not sure as to what constitutes happiness. People's pursuit of happiness is a journey without known our destination. Our IT and Management professionals are in charge of organizations or projects of large dimensions. In their constant search for excellence that endures, we see that our professionals end up seeming like their own ghosts in six to seven years of their recruitment. At a personal level they are constantly battling intellectual or physical burnout. The organization is confronted with poor deliverables and constant attrition. My purpose is help such people achieve an awareness of their true potential. To this end I have designed and have been delivering programs to the students and professionals and they have been well received.

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