Homosexuality: Promoting Student Identity

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Understanding the process of homosexual identity formation can be helpful to leaders as they plan programs and create opportunities for LGB students. Dr. Vivienne Cass’s six-stage model of the process of homosexual identity development will form the basis for this interactive presentation. Examples of successful programs and approaches will be included, and discussion will be encouraged. A central purpose of this workshop will be to identify and discuss ways in which student leaders can support other students in their journeys through each of the six stages of Cass’s model. We will focus on how to use this model to build programs and plan events on campus. Finally, we will discuss the use of the model as an educational tool for working with groups.

Keywords: LGBT, Homosexual, Homosexual Identity, Identity, LGBTQ
Stream: Gender and Sexuality
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
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Jeremy N. Valdes

Graduate Student, Walden University
Chicago, IL, USA

Jeremy Valdes has held chairs including President, Student Affairs, and Academic Affairs of DeVry University’s Student Government Association. Having a bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering, he also has accomplishments ranging from the Governors Hometown Awards to receiving grants from the United Way Foundation. In addition, he has also conducted independent theoretical studies including intellectual development amongst higher education, and sexual identity development. Jeremy has participated and volunteered in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, AIDS Walk, Katrina relief, & various campus events. Currently, Jeremy is pursuing his Ph.D. in Clinical and Research Psychology, with hopes to develop and expand on self identity issues among homosexuals.

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