Poverty Reduction through the I/NGOS

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In Nepal 80% of the total population belong to agricultural base. The Agricultural program focuses on poverty alleviation and improving food security, nutrition and environment improving. Across project many of International and National non governmental organization are talking of business development services (BDS) or value –chain approach. The BDS approach includes an emphasis in on building the capacity of supply chain enterprises to manufacture and distribute agricultural equipment and inputs that are suitable for smallholders, and establishing private sector markets. I/NGOS build the capacity of outputs. For example, micro irrigation equipment dealers train farmers to use irrigation system that they sell and also provide agriculture advice for system buyers. Many of I/NGOs approach also include providing technical assistance to early technology adopters to create demand for business services. These approaches also includes strong Public Private Partnership (PPP) with the governmental to ensure that public goods such as market information, infrastructure, research, policy, water source development, and other public services to improve sub sector performance are supplied. Export Market Focus Nepal is in unique position to rapidly increase agriculture incomes through development of high value commodities for export markets. Nepal has a comparative advantage in high –value commodities due to agro-climate conditions that allow for off –season/ low –cost production for vast South Asian Markets. Despite having identified this strategy more than 15th years ago. Nepal lags behind in integrating smallholder farmer for export opportunities. Nepal remains net importer that enable smallholder to take advantage of export opportunities across projects.

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Paper: Poverty Reduction through the I/NGOS, The

Mr. Hari Tiwari

Assistant Director, Monitoring and Evaluation Division, Social Welfare Council
Kathmandu, Kathmandu, Nepal

My job includes:-Approval of the programme activities, planning and budgeting, supervision, monitoring, by re-viewing a variety of records, especially in INGOs, NGOs sector. -Coordinate activities for providing assistance from internal and external resources by coordinating with donor community and relevant government organization. -Coordinate the activities for the distribution of support received in kind from the donor both from inside and outside the country. -To recommendation for Evaluation and Monitoring report to various level. Study the report and make comments or mettings with evaluation team and agency.To send and comment the repors. -To do the various investigation I/ngo and submit the report for management.

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