Age Diversity and Recruitment Policy in Developing Countries: A Case Study of Audit Firms in Nigeria

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The global struggle to recruit and retain professional talents shows that market values are dependent on intangible resources, particularly, human resources. This necessitates change in HR policies to reflect age diversity practices for basic workforce planning, recruitment and retention strategies to address issues on succession and corporate governance.

Keywords: Global, Recruitment and Retention, Age Diversity, Workforce, Succession, Corporate Governance
Stream: Organisations
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Rukevwe J. Ogedegbe

Lecturer II, Faculty of Social and Management Science
Department of Business Administration, Ajayi Crowther University

OYO, OYO, Nigeria

Rukevwe J. Ogedegbe teaches Management Principle and Practices, Compensation Management in Ajayi Crowther university, Oyo in Oyo state Nigeria. She also teaches Dynamics of Diversity Management and Human Resource Management in the Lagos State university(Anthony campus)Lagos on part-time. She holds an Msc Management from the university of Lagos, Nigeria. She is currently working on a proposed Phd with the university of Stellenbosch in South Africa. She is a member of the Nigerian Institute of Nigeria (NIM) and an Assessor of the Chartered Institute of Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN). She has participated in some international and local conferences/seminars in Nigeria. Her interest is in Age and Gender diversity, Female Entrepreneurs and Compensation Management.

Ref: D08P0455