The Role of Contemporary Artists in a Multicultural Society

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The aim of this research project was to examine and develop ways in which individuals of different cultures could respect and appreciate pluralism and cultural diversity. Several research questions were explored: What role do contemporary artists serve in a multicultural society? How do contemporary artists represent their own or other cultures through art? How may viewers understand the works of contemporary artists in ways that invoke a historical or socio-cultural context? Is it possible for contemporary artists to share their ideas on pluralism with the broader community, and what type of influence may this have on the latter? This project utilized both qualitative research methods and arts-based research methods in order to explore various theories of cross-cultural and socio-cultural perspectives.
In addition, this project demonstrates several examples of how contemporary artists have tried to help groups of individuals connect with both traditional and new cultures in creative and transformative ways. These examples also testified to the extent to which art-making activities can culturally empower, socially redefine, and make individuals more aware of cultures that are not their own.

Keywords: Cross-cultural Perspective, Contemporary Artists, Cultural Diversity
Stream: Representations: Media, Communications, Arts, Literature
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Dr. Young Imm Kang Song

Assistant Professor, Creative Arts in Learning Division
Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences, Lesley University

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Ref: D08P0472