Improving the Global Economic Environment by Empowering Women

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Women in developing economies are, historically and traditionally, the breadwinners for their families. Improving the global economy, specifically in African society, requires that women be empowered, financially, socially and intellectually. However, this empowerment generally is diminished given the limitations placed on them by men. Micro financing is intended to alleviate poverty by providing small loans to help women develop small businesses. Micro financing programs have, undoubtedly, helped to lift millions out of poverty. Perhaps greater emphasis might be placed on wealth development, and less on poverty alleviation. This article will identify and discuss factors essential to building wealth in African economies. It will attempt to define empowerment and to answer the question, is microfinance a viable approach in developing countries and in the U.S.?

Keywords: Micro Finance, Wealth Creation, Poverty Alleviation, Empowering Women
Stream: Identity and Belonging; the Politics of Diversity; Globalisation
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Dr. Ann-Lorraine Edwards

Visiting Assistant Professor of Management, Department of Management & Marketing
School of Business, State University of New York at Oswego

Oswego, NY, USA

Appointed to the Oswego faculty in 2005, Dr. Edwards has a varied background in higher educational administration, entrepreneurship, and instruction. She teaches introductory and intermediate courses in business administration. Her research interests include: academic-business alliances; educational preparation for a diverse labor market; social entrepreneurship; and change management.She holds the M.S. and Ph.D. in Higher Educational Administration & Policy Studies from the State University of New York at Albany.

Ref: D08P0473