An Essay on Cultural Diversity: A Personal Essay

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‘Diversity’ is usually either touted as good, an alternative to conflict, injustice, inequity, intolerance, bigotry, discrimination, and racism, or as nothing at all, an all-in-one bland, undifferentiated substantive, due to its tendency to erode the empowerment of racial minorities, women, and the poor. Meaningful debates on ‘diversity’ should rather focus on the ‘cultural diversity’ subcategory, in order to hone the effects and uses of diversity in variously characterized human communities in an age of globalization. Employing the form of the Personal Essay, I will stand on the shoulders of giants (world-renowned essayists--Michel de Montaigne, William Hazlitt, Wole Soyinka, Carlos Fuentes, and James Baldwin), and will argue that passion for the conservation of humankind ought to take precedence over fostering environmental differences. This essay will trace human origins from the Olduvai Gorge of East Africa, and from there explore issues of development, marginalisation, world economic order, language, population, imperialism, and boundary crossings. Clearly, meaningful talk or practice of diversity in any community must include a conscientious effort to conserve humankind, by stressing the ill-benefits of the melting-pot syndrome.

Keywords: Cultural Diversity, Globalisation, Politics, Language, Immigration, population, Econonmic Order, Race and Ethnicity
Stream: Immigration, Refugees
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Dr. Ada Uzoamaka Azodo

Associate Faculty, Department of Minority Studies, African Studies Association and African Litertaure Association
Gary, Indiana, USA

Dr. Ada Uzoamaka Azodo, Ph. D. University of Lagos, is affiliated with Indiana University Northwest, works in the domains of African and African Diaspora Studies and Women's Studies, and teaches courses on feminism, gender and sexuality, and valorization of Africa history and social systems, believing as she does that the world could become a better place for everyone, if all the various voices are heard. Hence publications mirror a passion to engender a better understanding of peoples across cultures, languages, and borders. Author of six books and numerous book chapters and academic print and online journal articles, Dr. Azodo sees books and reading as unifying factors in the human struggles for equity, justice, tolerance, and cooperation.

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