Diversity Leadership in the Flat World

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Advances in Information Technology have made the globe truly FLAT and resulted in a paradigm shift in the way organizations conduct business. This means – brightest minds will do the right jobs in the quickest possible way at a most optimized cost. Modular nature of Software Industry especially lends itself to this shift - activities along the Software Development Life Cycle can now be put together by teams spread across multiple geographies, time zones, cultures and languages. Infosys ,Global IT Major has been on the forefront of this changing world. This article will share how the leadership team of Independent Validation Solutions (IVS), one of the fastest growing Business Units within Infosys has successfully handled the challenges of diversity. Diversity in IVS context has multiple perspectives:1.Diversity of Cultures & Geographies: Global nature of IVS’s business means that employees from diverse cultures rub shoulders on a day-to-day basis. Often these teams work on multiple time – zones (‘Follow the Sun’ Model) adding to complexity. 2.Diversity from significant % of total work – force being women: Today, around 45% of 4000+ employees of IVS are women in the age group of 20-35. This has posed challenges of finding alternative ways of working to suit working mothers & family considerations. 3.Diversity from workforce consisting of multiple skill – sets & career aspirations: Work force at IVS, while currently heavily tilted towards technology – is expanding to include domain specialists and MBA’s. Career aspirations and roles and responsibilities of these individuals are distinctly different from the technology main stream. 4.Diversity as a result of Different generations coming together to work – Thanks to globalization, countries like India have witnessed unprecedented development in the last decade. This sudden & dramatic change has brought multiple generations working together – with often, conflicting ideologies and work ethics.

Keywords: Diversity, Gender, Generation, Globalization, Career Aspirations
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Dr. Bharathi Rao

Senior Manager, Independent Validation Solutions, Infosys Technologies Limited
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Bharathi works as a senior manager with Infosys Technologies Limited. She is currently driving Domain Enablement Group for Independent Validation Solutions– that is tasked with building the domain competency among the testing teams. Prior to this, she was the Managerial Deployment Unit Head with the Infosys Leadership Institute. She has anchored the Global Business Finishing School, ASTD award winning initiative at Infosys and has designed/facilitated several Finance and Business related workshops for the senior management of Infosys. Bharathi is a MBA from Toledo University, Ohio and a CPA from Illinois. Her PhD is from Mysore University (India). She has more than 10 years experience in teaching/consultancy. She has presented thought papers in several international forum such as: PMI, International HRM& HSBC Magazine and has won the * Worthy of Distinction Award for her presentation at the European Consortium of Learning Organizations.

Anuradha Biswas

Associate Vice President, Independent Validation Solutions, Infosys Technologies Limited
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Anuradha is an Associate Vice President with the Independent Validation Solutions, Infosys Technologies Limited. Through out her career, she has been a staunch evangelist for independent testing, and has successfully built strong testing teams in Start – up as well as giant sized software companies. She has spear headed specialized testing offerings around SAP and test automation accelerators for Infosys Technologies Limited. She is a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics, a certified Microsoft Certified Professional, and Certified Segue Silk Performer. Anuradha has extensive experience in organization building, service portfolio creation, business planning, enabling the sales force and skills development for testing professionals. She has worked in both product and services industry in various domains such as Banking, Aero Space, ecommerce, transaction automation and telecom and has hands on experience in performance test strategizing to execution.

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