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This is a research paper which focuses on modeling an infrastructure of human social-binders based on the involvement of individuals of high intellectual and organizational capacity left outside the mainstream of social or community policies in a state of cultural displacement. Modern transnational practices, based on a technologically-supported network, leave a great number of valuable human resources in a state of unemployment, disconnectedness, disengagement and thus, vulnerable to mental damage, crime or destructive actions. Instead of making them useful and sparing them as cultural binders in the complex construction of multi-colored global entity, preventing hostile streams from causing global human-inflicted damage.

Keywords: Identity, Social Displacement, Networking of Binding Infrastructures, Human Resources, Universal Values, Fluctuating Communities
Stream: Identity and Belonging; the Politics of Diversity; Globalisation
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
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Dr. Gergana Apostolova

A Fulbright Visiting Scholar, MIT Linguistics and Philosophy Department, South Western University of Bulgaria
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

A PhD of Logic and Rhetoric (Persuasive Discourse) with an experience in social networking, teaching practice and leadership;Executive and initiator of a private school for leading EL teaching based on its own methodology and a NGO: Center for PR, Education and Social Service - CPRESS in Bulgaria; European projects: Leonardo da Vinci (London) and Distant Education for PR; Individual projects: model for approach to teaching English literature; ESSE Bursary 2007 - Intertexts (Oxford); Fulbright Visiting Scholar - Philosophy of Culture: Internet Studies - in progress at MIT, Cambridge, MA.
A lecturer of Philosophy, English and American Studies, Persuasive Discourse, Advertising and Applied Semiotics - South Western University, Economics University, Kiev Slavic University Distant courses - Bulgaria; papers in E-culture and E-society; approaches to English Studies; Literary representations of diversity; political essays; fantasy and rhetoric.

Ref: D08P0078