Mapping the Field of Teachers’ Multicultural Special Education in Greece: A New Era Emerges

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In this paper are presented the results of a study which aimed to explore future teachers' views about the content of the broad term inclusion as far as two different special groups of the school population are concerned: a) pupils with special needs and b) immigrant/foreign pupils. The sample of the study consisted of 40 (N) students from three different Departments of the University of Thessaly in Greece, i.e. the Department of Special Education, the Department of Primary Education and the Department of Pre-School Education. The method of the semi-structured type of interview was followed.
The study and its sample are both part of a broader study which was conducted to a sample of 650 (N) students/future teachers. The general purpose of the broader study was to explore future teachers’ teaching competence on multicultural special issues and depict their needs in the field of “Multicultural Special Education”. The results are of great interest as they are indicative of students’ lack of knowledge about the educational provisions, policies, teaching methods that are needed for the two aforementioned special groups of pupils. The results also reflect students’/future teachers' hesitance and fears towards teaching either pupils with special needs or pupils with a different ethno-cultural background.

Keywords: Special Education Intercultural and Multicultural Education, Special Educational Policies, Teachers’ Education and Training
Stream: Immigration, Refugees
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Mapping the Field of Teachers’ Multicultural Special Education in Greece, The Environmental Impacts of Tourism at the Casela Nature and Leisure Park, Mauritius

Dr. Nektaria Palaiologou

Lecturer, Department of Early Childhood Education, University of Western Macedonia
Florina, Greece

Dr. Nektaria Palaiologou followed studies in Education (bachelor, master and PhD. Degrees) at the Department of Primary Education - University of Athens. She also followed post-doctoral studies in Education and Culture at the Institute of Education - University of London. She is currently affiliated with the Department of Early Childhood Education of the University of Western Macedonia where she is teaching the Intercultural modules. In the past, she has worked at the University of Thrace, University of Thessaly, University of Athens and the University of Piraeus. She is the co-writer of three books (in Greek), member of the Editorial Board in Greek and International Journals as well as author/co-author of published papers in the broader field of Education.

Ref: D08P0089