Undocumented Immigrants in City of Farmers Branch: Policy Analysis of Ordinance 2903

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Undocumented immigration is an important societal issue today. Even though there are many federal law enforcement agents working to reduce the number of undocumented immigrants, the United States is not effectively enforcing current laws. As a result, there are several local governments taking action to develop new policies that would better enforce existing immigration laws. This paper will examine ordinance 2903 of Farmers Branch, TX, where local politicians hope to enact an ordinance banning undocumented immigrants from renting real estate for either housing or business purposes. It will also evaluate the equity, efficiency, and effectiveness of the ordinance, providing a policy alternative and suggesting recommendations to address the issue of undocumented immigration.

Keywords: Temporary Work Program
Stream: Immigration, Refugees
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Eun-Jun Bang

Research Assistant, School of Social Work
Asian Affairs Center, The Univeristy of Missouri

Columbia, MO, USA

Research Assistant: School of Social Work, University of Missouri-Columbia . Research interests: immigration issues, international students mental health , spirituality and social work practice and alcohol abuse.

Ref: D08P0095